While the world experiences further growth in e-commerce businesses and logistics solutions for end users-buyers, a need for strong logistics network arises in order to cover the need to deliver smaller and smaller shipments in whole world. This situation dictates the tempo on which we move – FL Transport uses strong network of distribution partners in our homelands so we could serve our customer needs.

We will deliver shipments of any dimensions in Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Finland or Denmark with transport means You need at the time the goods are needed.


Distribution terminals:

Country City Regions of service Business sectors
Lithuania Klaipėda, Kaunas

Whole Baltics regions

(LT, LV, EE)

B2B, B2C
Sweden Stockholm SE 10-19; 60-99 B2B, B2C
Sweden Kristianstad SE 20-33 B2B, B2C
Sweden Gothenburg SE 34-50 B2B, B2C
Sweden Jonkoping SE 51-59 B2B, B2C
Norway Oslo Whole Norway B2B, B2C
Denmark Copenhagen DK 10-49 B2B, B2C
Denmark Kolding DK 50-99 B2B, B2C
Finland Helsinki Whole Finland B2B, B2C